Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer

Friday, November 27, 2009


Good old dad. He (my human dad) took one look at that upturned BBQ and he laughed. Not just a little chuckle. A huge belly laugh. Then he picked up that half-cooked turkey with his bare hands, brushed it off and plopped it back on the grill. Disgusting! (Not for dogs, of course. I'd eat anything.)

"Gracie! Gracie!"  His voice had that put-on gentle tone he learned in obedience class. But I wasn't about to trust it or him.

So, I kept a safe distance behind my favorite tree and waited and waited and waited some more. Until I saw my mom. She was all bundled up in her rain coat and hat and holding my lead. 

"Grace! Let's walk!"

So, the day didn't end too badly. Dad even gave me a piece of turkey.

Humans are strange.



Bernet said...

Arf Arf Gracie - That's Happy Thanksgiving in dog talk for you humans). I sat at the table on my mom's lap in order to 1)view the feast and 2) escape my cousins Olivia and Willy Mo. I had my eye on the pumpkin pie, but only managed to get a bit of turkey. I did go for a long walk with Willy Mo (that boy has to pee at every tree). Many licks, Sadie Rose

Peter said...