Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


You're probably tired of hearing all about the blizzard that hit the DC area (where I live). While the news has dribbled down to boring reports on humans (two-legged uprighters) digging out their driveways, shoveling their walks, blah blah blah, we (and I speak for all snowbound canines) are still stuck. Why? After almost three days, the snow is higher than I am.

In all fairness to my human parents, they carved out running paths for me surrounding the house, so I wouldn't just do my business in the garage. But I need more than just some pathetic circular path. I need access to the front and back yard and the woods. I need room to do my rounds. 

Desperate and bored, I've begged my mum to shovel out the yards and the woods. But she's complaining of a sore back. My dad's no help. He's in bed with a cold. I'd do it myself, but they don't make canine-friendly snow shovels.

What's a doggie to do?